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Hiro Nakamura & Don Quixote

My favorite Heroes character is Hiro Nakamura. Some of the reasons are his spontaneity and his lack of interest of what others think of him, like his love for comics and video games, to which "serious and mature" adults frown upon, and the way he does his best to go through that mission he took because he believes it to be the Right Thing To Do. Also, the only thing he truly worries about is to maintain a coherency with what he thinks, what he says, and what he does, which it's always praiseworthy.

So, thinking about Hiro's role within the series' plot as a whole, something dawned on me; there are certain things and situations that connect him with a particular character of the Universal Literature: Don Quijote [or Quixote] de la Mancha.

Before I begin with the pointing out of those things and situations, I'd like to clear up something.

I don't pretend to say that Don Quijote's story can be used to predict the plot of Heroes, nor that the screenwriters used this book—at least consciously—as a pattern to build Hiro's character—this one only they can answer. Finally—and this is most important—I don't pretend to make any literature professor suffer an aneurism. What I want is to point out the parallels I've seen between both this characters, which I find, each one of them, fascinating and charming in their own particular way.

* Click here to continue reading. Spoilers up to Godsend – Episode 1x12.

* Click here for the version in Spanish. Spoiler warning still applies.
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Fathers Know Best (Bleach/Heroes Crossover)

Excuse me while I recover my breath from LMAO at Jimmy Kimmel actually bringing up Yatta! by Happatai during his interview with Masi, and Masi actually doing the dance. I would love to see him in the fig leaf, yes... (drifts off) Hopefully, someone will upload it to YouTube, and make an icon of the dance.

Anyway, shayheyred asked if I didn't mind crossposting a fic I wrote to here, and I have no problems pimping myself out that way. ;^) (BTW, shayheyred, I'm so sorry, but I screwed my LJ up and lost your comment! Thankfully, it was in my email. Also, thankfully, I had joined here before - I just use my bookmarks to find stuff, rather than my f-list.) If you're on heroes_fic, ninth_wonders, or kurosaki_clinic, you've already seen this. It's not Hiro-centric (he doesn't even appear), but it is about him and his father, among others. For those who aren't, here goes:

Title: Fathers Know Best
Author: Mindwarp (Jenncat on FF.net)
Fandom: Bleach/Heroes crossover.
Characters: The Daddy Brigades - I mean Ishida Ryuuken, Kurosaki Isshin, Nakamura Kaito, HRG
Rating: PG/K+ (Isshin alone always raises ratings.)
Type: Gen
Spoilers: through episode 18 for Heroes (according to online commentaries, from which I'm extrapolating stuff that I might end up being totally wrong about - plus, Kaito's given name might be a spoiler, since they didn't mention it in the show), and through current chapters and episodes of the Bleach manga and anime (especially chapters 185-190/episodes 110-113 and chapter 241).
Warnings: Isshin - hey, he ALWAYS deserves a warning. He's ISSHIN, and we love him for that. Also, possible mild homophobia – or is it just denial? ;^) (I lean towards the latter, but then again, I am a slash fan.)
Summary: Four fathers commiserate together.

(Follow the fake cut!)
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Christmas bounty for 'Heroes' fans!

Wheee! There are TWELVE really terrific Heroes stories up at the Yuletide Archive. For those unfamiliar with yuletide (and really, does anyone NOT know what it is?) it's a massive Secret Santa Challenge which these year yielded over 1000 stories in various rare fandoms. For one week, December 25 - January 1, the authors are anonymous.

I predict that this time next year "Heroes" will no longer be a rare fandom. So check out the 2006 offerings, comment and leave a little love for the authors, and on January 1, check back and see who the authors are.

Here's the link to the Heroes stories on the Yuletide Archive. You'll find stories about every character, from Hiro to Nathan to Claire to Micah to Peter...well, you get the idea.